Blue Mix Android App


Blue Mix Radio Android App is:


Main Features:

✔ Highest music quality (320 kbps).
✔ Special UI design and very easy interface, top performance, security and functions.
✔ 24 hour music flow, 7 days a week without interruption.
✔ Listen to Blue Mix Radio from anywhere in the world.
✔ Supports Wireless Speakers & Bluetooth headsets.
✔ Plays in the background while you can use your mobile for any other use.. 
✔ Share your app with your friends easily, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from main menu. 
✔ Automatic interruption of the music stream on an incoming call and continuation of the music stream after the call’s end. (Permission required)
✔ Sleep mode. Set the application off in 1 to 180 minutes. 
✔ Automatic operation after starting the application.

Extra Feature !!

✔ Songs Request: Listen your favorite song (from our Playlist) and enjoy it in about 30 minutes !!

Localizations: English, Greek, German


Internet access required. It is recommended for the proper use of this app a good internet connection for maximum quality listening of the application.
Contains ads without affecting the music stream. 
Requires Android 5.0 and newer versions. 

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Blue Mix Radio

The musical works are provided only for the private use of each visitor/user and their further use/exploitation in any way is prohibited without the prior permission of the CMO Autodia

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